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We just launched our first Kickstarter revealing our latest product: the Kinetic Arm !

It is our most versatile rigging tool, which allows you to add, clip, hold, illuminate, photograph, film and animate pretty much anything you can think of. To discover the full project go to Kickstarter and check out all the Tiers we have to offer!

We hope you will enjoy it us much as we do 🙂

Your support means a lot to us, so feel free to like, tag and share to make this product come true !

The Team


Very soon available in the store

Medium scale
21 cm – 8 inch high
200 gr
Ball and socket joints
Stainless steel


Articulated humanoid

Medium scale
21 cm – 8 inch high
150 gr
Ball and socket joints
Steel and brass


When your perform demands an extremely precise linear movement, then is time to use these tools.

Motion Control

This kit is a basic setup that will allow you to move secondary things in your stop motion animation scene and all controlled by Dragonframe synchronized to your animation shooting.


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