Custom Armatures


Send to

  1. A sketch of your character’s design IMPORTANT: you must draw you character in two views: frontal and side, and you must specify the real measures of your character on the drawing.
  2. Your billing details
  3. Your shipping address + phone


With this information we will send you back the price of manufacturing your custom armature, and we will provide you an estimated time of manufacture and delivery.

      If you agree and would like to place the order you have to send us the following information:

    1. Billing information (if necessary)
    2. Phone number for delivery

Then you will receive a paypal bill. Once you have paid it, we will design the structure maintaining the construction principles used by Kinetic Armatures, and provide you the optimal solution for your project.


When you agree with the solution we propose you, we will produce the armature.

Upon completion we will send you the finished structure after testing its correct functioning.


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