Aluminium wire and Precision square brass tubes are two of the main elements used in wire armature puppetmaking.

Aluminium wire, it’s an ideal material for stop motion purposes as it is a low memory material and shows high durability properties against bendings.
Thin gauges commonly used to make hands, hair, add rigidity to clothes and to hold light things. Thick gauges are used to make arms, legs, puppets in general and to make rig arms to hold small things.
It works really well when it is braided.

Precision square brass tubes. Made to slide and fit inside one to other, it is a perfect material to work with, you can cut, sand and polish. Commonly used to make connexions in arms, legs or parts you need to reemplace like hands and heads.
This is the type of connexions we use in all our ranges of rigs and winders. The size used in all our rigs and winders is 4,76mm .

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