Drilled balls


304 stainless steel ball bearings drilled and ready for silver brazing them to rods.

You can use these balls with the ball&socket joints available in the this page.

2 and 3 mm balls are the only ones that are not ball bearings, those are CNC machined from 304 stainless steel to ensure its roundness and allow a fluid rotation inside the articulations, according to the industry standards UNE-EN ISO 9001.

All the balls in this page are nominal dimensions. Our TRB ball rods are undersized to make the balls clean in the CNC process. Due to that, the balls in this page and the rods are different in dimension and we don’t recommend to mis both a ball bearing and a TRB ball rod in the same double ball and socket joint. It will still work, but the side of the ball bearing ball will be tighter.

Drilled balls

Drilled ball bearings & CNC balls

2 and 3mm CNC machined balls
4 to 12mm drilled ball bearings
All 304 stainless steel



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