Articulated humanoid

Small scale for small sets
15 cms – 6 inches high and 100 gr
Ball and socket joints
Articulated shoulders
Materials: steel and brass


K3 is a versatile skeleton, perfect for most characters and small scale sets.
It is built at a scale which is suitable for smaller sets than K2, and it provides modest-sized joint with excellent mobility.
K3 is based on ball and socket joints, with adjustable pressure, so it enables smooth and accurate movements.

Balls in rods are obtained by turning calibrated steel rods of 4 mm diameter, in order to provide rigidity and durability to the whole because they can’t broke apart as soldered ones.

The toes are articulated to allow any type of gait. Both feet and body present threaded holes to anchor the puppet and set all kinds of rigs. The upper arms can be removed to repair the hands and reset in the exact same position.