Motion Control Kit


The assembly of this kit is very easy as it doesn’t require any soldering or special electronic skills such as programing, everything is just plug and play. You will find the code already uploaded to the Arduino board to make easy to start using it and the only thing you will need to do is connect everything following the manual and program your movement in Dragonframe.

Each kit comes with one motor and it’s driver but it allows you to move 3 more motors, 4 in total. So you can upgrade your kit adding 3 extra motors. Imagine you are performing an attraction park and you want to move a ferris wheel attraction and a roller coaster at same time at the background, all automatically, now you can.

Motion Control Kit


Arduino UNO
CNC shield
Nema 17 Stepper motor
Pololu Motor driver
Power supply
USB cable

This kit is a basic setup that will allow you to move secondary things in your stop motion animation scene and all controlled by Dragonframe synchronized to your animation shooting.


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