Rigging kit


The Kinetic Rigging Kit is a versatile set of parts that will allow you to hold items or gear in place for product photography, stop motion or general filmmaking shootings. This kit that includes the Kinetic Arm has been especially created to close de gap between photo equipment and product rigging, letting them work together, finally.

On a photo shoot or an animation set you may end up in situations such as a tangled mess of C-stands or a piece of equipment that just won´t move into the exact position that you need it to.

Also, most times photo equipment is too big or bulky to place it in your frame to support products or food. On those occasions our rigged arm and it’s accessories become a super convenient solution.

The 303 stainless steel arm is CNC machined, respecting high accuracy standards which allows smooth performance and a durable long life operation. It is water resistant and can undergo rough handling on a daily basis.

We thought of many possible combinations to make a fantastic Kit: From Joints to Rods, different tip ends, and more, this 30 piece selection will provide you the flexibility to creatively hold things in your set. Check out all its items in the image. As it is still in production some items may change slightly.

This rig has been successfully funded at Kickstarter



Rigging kit

Kinetic Rigging Kit

It inludes the Kinetic arm
8 connection tips
3 x J6mm ball&socket joints
2 x J12mm ball&socket joints
Pictures could be different from final product


Out of stock,

contact: info@kineticarmatures.com for preorders


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