RS6 Rig Arm


A Rig is an articulated arm capable of holding objects and puppets in the air when needed. Their major objective of this tool is to fight the gravity and keep everything steady in position to take each frame.

This rig is really strong and long, combining all three sizes of joints along the rig. You can place it in the middle of your scene to hold the object you have to shoot or in a C-stand. The maximum recomended weight to hold are 3 kg with the arm extended and screws really tight.

This rig benefits from a 90 mm x 50 mm x 10 mm steel base that can be magnetised, clamped or screwed to set.
It’s ending tip connection is a 3,96 mm square shape that fits in a brass square tube also supplied (4,76mm Square tube connector), if you want spare material you can find it at the materials section. It also has a M3 screwded hole in the tip.


RS6 Rig Arm

RS6 Rig Arm

CNC machined stainless steel
660 mm – 26 inches long
2 x J6mm ball&socket joints
1 x J9mm ball&socket joints
3 x J12mm ball&socket joints
3,96mm Square tube connector