GW XY discontinued


A winder is a device that allows extremely precise control, setting up each movement in tiny increments for linear movements. It is controlled by a wheel that controls a gear connected to a linear rack that performs the sliding.

At the end of this device you have mounted a Rig arm to hold puppets or elements in place. The major objective of this tool is to maximize the precision and control of a movement controlling an axis at a time. They are often used to achieve complex movements or simplifying one axis displacements.

It’s ending tip connection is a 3,96 mm square shape that fits in a brass square tube also supplied (4,76mm Square tube connector), if you want spare material you can find it at the materials section. It also has a M3 screwded hole in the tip.

GW XY discontinued


CNC machined stainless steel joints,
aluminium body, Delrin
310 mm – 12 inches long
Operative travel 200 mm
1 x J9mm ball&socket joints
2 x J6mm ball&socket joints
3,96mm Square tube connector

A winder is a device that allows extremely precise control setting up each movement increment in linear movements. More info down below.

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